Our Projects

Recruiting Project

A significant part of our ministry is recruiting new workers. Our goal is to recruit five to six church new planting team leaders plus team members for a total of about fifty new missionaries in the next few years.

Will you invest in the future of Lithuania and Eurasia Northwest? Each additional team member brings the potential for exponential growth. You can give here—select class (64).

Training and Orientation Project

Two core aspects of our minister are disciple-making and church planting movements. It is one thing to have these things as a value or talk about them but quite another to actually do them. A little coaching, mentoring, and teaching goes a long way towards empowering our church planting team leaders and team members for fruitful ministry.

This aspect of our ministry requires travel to all the countries in Eurasia Northwest to assist the Area Directors in this strategic work.

Will you invest in disciple-making and church planting movements?  Click here to invest! Select class (88).

Teen Challenge Projects

Women’s Center

Can you help get the smell out of the basement?

This center, located in Šlienava, Lithuania, houses about 15 women with life-controlling problems. Fortunately, this facility is a place where their children can also live with them. This arrangement allows these precious ladies the opportunity to receive the spiritual and practical treatment they need without having to be separated from their children. However, a wet basement and all the resulting health issues this brings are not needed! Can you help us fix this problem once and for all?

Supplies- $3,300
Labor- $3,700
TOTAL- $7,000

Change a struggling lady’s life by clicking here and selecting class (63). Please note Project #6711 in the comments.

Men’s Farm

Your gift can feed some men!

The Men’s Teen Challenge Farm, in Pikeliai, Lithuania, houses 18 men trying to rebuild their lives after struggling with drugs, alcohol, or other life-controlling issues. Of course, they all have chores to do each day that returns them to a sense of normalcy. Additionally, there is an intense spiritual component to their daily and weekly rhythm and help them break the cycle of addiction with the help of the Holy Spirit!

Naturally, men eat a lot! The current kitchen furniture is literally rotting after years of hard use. Additionally, we need to replace the oven. The European Union requires that the existing cabinets and food preparation tables be replaced with stainless steel pieces for sanitary purposes.

Purchase and Installation – $3,500

Roof Repair
Repair of dormers – $1500.00

Interior Repainting
Floors – $300
Kitchen – $250
Great Room – $300

Help men change their lives! Click here to give – select class (62) and note Project #6921 in the comments.

Men’s Reentry Center


The Men’s Reentry Center in Vilnius houses men who graduated from the Farm in Pikeliai and other rehabilitation centers. In this center, the men work longer hours and hone their life skills and continue to focus on Jesus. The building is a multi-story building that has open stairways which are a danger to everyone. Some residents have disabilities or medical issues, which only makes the open stairwell more dangerous. One misstep and it could be a horrible tragedy.

Handrail manufacture, purchase, and installation – $4,000

Keep these men on the right path! Click here – select class (44) and note Project #6810 in the comments.

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14125 Louisiana Ave S.
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Assemblies of God World Missions

1445 N Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
Account #249169